Vue.js, Nuxt.js

I love building highly interactive and fast application user interfaces with Vue.js and data-driven, server-rendered or statically generated websites with Nuxt.js.



Wordpress doesn't need an introduction, its a popular CMS. I have used wordpress to design and develop custom websites, blogs, landing pages and commerce sites for the clients.


Laravel, node.js

I'm proficient in developing full-stack applications or modern api-first backend systems using Laravel or Node.js that can be scaled independently of the front-end.


AWS, Azure

Hands-on experience in working with Azure/AWS cloud environments and have built and deployed front-end and full-stack applications on cloud platforms.


MySQL, NoSQL, Postgres

Proficient in application development using relational and NoSQL databases. Hands-on experience in working with highly-available relational database service in AWS cloud environment.


Docker, CI/CD, VPS

Experience in server provisioning and application deployment experience on VPS and in AWS cloud environment. In addition, I can help setup CI/CD pipelines for the application


Shirish contributed to front-end development using NuxtJS and set up AWS architecture to ensure back-end API can be auto-scaled on demand. He has always come up with innovative, but well-researched solutions of the tricky issues. He has never failed to surprise us, in a good way, of course.

Shirish is a great communicator. He worked well with a diverse project team from all over the world and he was a great person to work with. We would love to continue working with him and I wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

- Dr. Cher Han Lau, Founder at CoronaTracker

I’m from France and I have one blog and one website. I asked a designer to rethink the homepage of my blog and to build a landing page for my website. After the design was completed, I was seeking a good and experienced developer to implement the designs. It was very hard to find someone able to make it. My blog and website are built with Wordpress.

I finally asked a friend and he told me about Shirish. I started the collaboration with him and I was very happy with the work he did. He was extremely competent. He has a professional experience with Wordpress and the two projects were completed without any issues.

I definitely recommend Shirish for similar projects (implementation of design for Wordpress website) and I will continue my collaboration with him in the future.

- Clément Bourcheix, Founder at Tasama

I wanted to thank you for all of the work you did on our project for the WHS training needs analysis and new worker induction checklist. With your support and guidance, we have a robust program which considered all end user needs, reporting requirements and integration with other systems.

It was great to be able to work with an IT specialist that simplified the process and languages to ensure we understood the requirements and steps to progress. Thanks again for your assistance.

- Leanne Ritchie, OHS and Facilities Manager at University of Queensland

I have worked with Shirish over the past few years on a number of projects that he worked on for the finance department. He has an real talent for listening to the end users, gaining an understanding of their requirements and developing systems to suit. He was also so helpful, giving ongoing assistance, and making system improvements.

Most of all, Shirish was a great person to work with, who myself and my team will really miss. Would love to work with you again.

- Karen Cridland, Finance Manager at Cancer Council Queensland

We are very satisfied with shirish's work. He is not only a very good programmer, but also a great communicator. Which for us, is evenly important. He always had a solution at hand and he took on each task with enthusiasm.

- Chris Groß und JJ Herrlich, Founder at KLHE